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Therapy: an Adventure

Updated: Feb 13

Have you looked upon the mountains, the open road, or the city skyline and heard the call? It can come as a whisper, a sense, or a shout. It's the cry that—for sometimes unexplainable reasons—says there is something out there waiting for you to discover it. Maybe you've harnessed that drive and acquired rewards en route, or perhaps you have yet to answer, but you know it’s there—within—pushing you toward an unknown but necessary sense of fulfillment.

This howl rises from the heart and opens our doorways to adventure, and it can be fantastic to crank the throttle back and rocket straight into the unknown. We shouldn’t miss those opportunities, but as we roll onward--if we use the right set of eyes--we can see that even the best external pursuits offer only temporary gains. If we look even closer, we can see that, ultimately, the seeker and the satisfaction are only experienced within, that what we are looking for is actually an inside job.

Once you peer beyond the common model and taste that truth, your adventures can take what Zen calls the backward step: uncovering the depths of your being. This is the contemplative quest—the ultimate road trip—that reveals what you have always sought is actually yourself.

Along that path, most, maybe even all, will encounter the potholes and roadblocks that are products of the conditioning we have experienced throughout our life. In those times, a therapist is a helpful companion on your journey. With the right skills for meeting, transforming, and integrating your challenging experiences, an attuned therapist can help you better respond to the call toward your boundless being. Not only that, they can help you find more joy in those conventional adventures too.

Therapy is at its best when it's helping people to discover and live from their deepest truth. It's a tool the explorer can access when needed and then release when it's time to roll solo again. Therapy is here to give you more of that authentic life you seek. If you want to learn more about what that might look like, message me on my contact page. We can set up a no-cost consultation and get to know each other, and what it is you might like to find. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Photo credit: Kristvin Gudmundsson


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