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I've been lucky to live a life that has embraced adventure.  It started after I withdrew from college and headed west where, somewhere in the middle of the country, I met a stranger who suggested we had an intelligence more significant than the mind alone.  I took that advice and followed it--and still follow it to this day--and continue to find myself amazed by what unfolds.  

That guidance took me into San Francisco's nightlife, which led me to stumble into meditation and sobriety.  From there, I finished college and became a disc jockey on an alt-rock station, where I hung out with my favorite bands and brought cheers to crowds.  After losing my best friend to suicide, I moved into the mental health field and helped a lot of kids, including teaching incarcerated teens how to meditate.  An opportunity came, and I took a chance on a move to New York, where I started a program from scratch and eventually became a Vice President at a large nonprofit organization serving kids in the 5 boroughs, and across the country.  Each of those experiences was great in its way, and they also showed me that they weren't the thing I was really looking for; they weren't truly fulfilling.  But one thing did, something that was present throughout it all: awareness.

While I don't consider myself to be awakened or enlightened, I've found that awareness is an accessible treasure trove that is beyond my wildest imagination.  I'm sure this understanding could also be yours; all it takes is curiosity and willingness.


I'm also confident that awareness is essential to the workplace.  When applied to operations, teams move from confusion into creativity and from stuck into satisfaction.  When people see that they are safe in the workplace, deliverables are easier to achieve, and our clients see better outcomes too.  I actually have yet to find a place where awareness doesn't enhance my experience and the experience of others, which is a big part of why I keep going this way.  I hope you'll join me on the adventure.

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts, Communications

  • Master of Arts, Mental Health Counseling

  • Licensure as a Mental Health Counselor since 2010

  • A meditator for over 20 years with experience in Mindfulness, Metta, and Nonduality

  • Continuous sobriety from June 15th, 2003 until present

  • 15 years in the mental health field; a career that ranged from front-line jobs to a Vice President overseeing 15 programs, with 135 employees and a $12 million (collective) annual budget

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