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Open to Your
Expansive Life
This is John Orr

Who Are You?

That question is one of the best we can ever ask, and if we ask it in a particular way, it can open us to the direct experience of our lives and the depths of our being.  As we look within, we find fresh ways to meet challenges while opening new doors to happiness, creativity, and authenticity.  


At first, this turning inward can seem counterintuitive; after all, the overwhelming message is that what we seek is somewhere “out there.”  But if we look closely, we can see those pursuits share a common thread: they show us what we are like when we relax the drive that suggests life, and ourselves, should be other than this.  Those moments are a glimpse of being—of presence—something that is ours and something we can know more and more.


For the earnest, the quest to uncover who you are is the adventure of a lifetime that continually unfolds and shows no end to its wonder and awe. Therapy offers a container for this work, a place to meet the whole of your experience and allow challenges to transform or be released. If you’re interested, I hope you’ll reach out so we can speak more about the ways we might work together.

Ways I Help

Free 30-minute Consultation

If you're interested in individual counseling or nonprofit consulting, the best way to start is a no-pressure, no-cost, conversation.  Please email me and we can set up a call.

Starting the Therapeutic Journey

Sometimes you know you're ready.  If now is the time for you to begin the adventure into your Self, let's do it.  Send a message my way, and we will get your time secured.  

Nonprofit Consulting & Training

All nonprofits face this dilemma: being underfunded and understaffed—the result is interruptions to workflow and, ultimately, the mission. The good news is that there are always solutions; let's find yours.

We can break free.
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